Fuel Oil
Nov 24, 2014


TEHRAN Nov 09 (Shana)-- Recently Research and Technology Department of Petroleum Ministry prepared a report on oil industry as the driving force of Iran’s economy. The repo...
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Iran Firm Exports 90,000 Tons/Month Sulfur
TEHRAN Nov 23 (Shana)--Iran Gas Commercial Company exports 90,000 tons a month of sulfur produced from South Pars gas field and Shahid Hasheminejad gas refinery, a company ...
Iran to Free Up Hybrid Car Imports
TEHRAN Nov 22 (Shana)--The Iranian government plans to free up imports of hybrid cars in an attempt to reduce air pollution emanating from gasoline burning, minister of ind...
Naval Forces Protect Tankers
TEHRAN Nov 23 (Shana)--Islamic Republic of Iran’s naval forces so far have protected more than 200 oil tankers and other commercial vessels mainly against pirates.
Sanctions Relief Conducive to Iran Oil Sales
TEHRAN Nov 22 (Shana)--A senior Iranian official has said that the easing of sanctions against the Islamic Republic will help Iran boost its oil exports.
2 Platforms under Construction in Forouzan Oil Field
TEHRAN Nov 23 (Shana)--The operator of development plan of Forouzan oil field has started construction of two new platforms amid putting an order for purchasing necessary e...
Iran Seeks Economic Ties with Outside World
TEHRAN Nov 22 (Shana)--Iran’s ambassador to Turkmenistan has said that Tehran looks for broader economic cooperation with outside world.
End of $100-oil Era in 10 Years
TEHRAN Nov 22 (Shana)--The world shall see oil reserves in Asia and the Pacific completely depleted by the next ten years, as it will be the case for European, Eurasian and...
Bandar Imam Condensate Exports at $270m
TEHRAN Nov 22 (Shana)--Bandar Imam Petrochemical Plant has earned $270 million from exporting gas condensates during the first half of the current calendar year which start...
Iran Gas Output to Rise 120mcm/d
TEHRAN Nov 22 (Shana)--Iran’s petroleum minister has said that the country will see its gas production rise by 120 mcm/d this calendar year to March 2015.
OPEC Should Respect Ceiling
TEHRAN Nov 19 (Shana)--On the eve of holding 166th Ministerial Meeting of OPEC in Vienna on November 27 it seems OPEC members should take their commitment to quotas serious...


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