Fuel Oil
Sep 3, 2014


TEHRAN August 17 (Shana)-- Frederick William Engdahl believes that allowing Iran to participate normally in world trade would benefit the EU countries who badly need export...
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CNG Stations Save Iran $37b
TEHRAN Sep. 2 (Shana)--Distribution of compressed natural gas (CNG) in Iran has saved the country 37 billion dollars in fuel spending over the past ten years, a top officia...
US Sanctions Hamper Permanent Deal
TEHRAN Sep. 1 (Shana)--Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said any new sanctions may make roads to a nuclear deal difficult.
Iran Bank Finances Petchem Plant
TEHRAN Sep. 2 (Shana)--Iran’s Bank of Industry and Mine is contributing 289 million euros to a petrochemical plant in western Iran, the bank’s manager said.
Iran Fuel Oil Bunkering Up 28%
TEHRAN Sep 1 (Shana)--Iran has raised its fuel oil supply to ships 28 percent year-on-year, the managing-director of National Iranian Oil Products Distribution Company said...
NIORDC Plans to Revive Anahita Oil Refinery
TEHRAN Sep. 2 (Shana)--Iran's Petroleum Ministry will pursue building Anhita oil refinery which its construction in the western province of Kermanshah was approved 8 years ...
Petchems Cannot Be Sanctioned
TEHRAN Sep 1 (Shana)--Deputy head of Iran's National Petrochemical Company said petrochemical products cannot be easily sanctions as is the case for crude oil.
US Sanctions Contravene Geneva Deal
TEHRAN Sep. 1 (Shana)--A senior Iranian oil official has said that the US has violated the terms of nuclear deal reached between Iran and six world powers late last year.
Natural Gas to Become Accessible for 97% of Iranians
TEHRAN August 31 (Shana)--Iran's Petroleum Ministry plans to extend natural gas supply services to 3 million households in cities and rural areas so that 97% of the Iranian...
Offshore Fuel Supply Exceeds 1 Million Liters
TEHRAN Sep. 1 (Shana)--A National Iranian Oil Products Distribution Company (NIOPDC) official announced that during the first five months of the current Iranian calendar ye...
NIOPDC Jet Fuel Delivery Hit 1.5 Billion Liters
TEHRAN August 31 (Shana)--The National Iranian Oil Products Distribution Company (NIOPDC) has delivered more than 1.5 billion liters of jet fuel to domestic and foreign air...


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