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Aug 20, 2014


TEHRAN August 5 (Shana)--Professor James D. Hamilton, American econometrician, believes that fracking by other countries will take years to reach a considerable amount to a...
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Iran Gas Output Up 30%
TEHRAN August 19 (Shana)--Iran’s four-month gas production has grown 30 percent year-on-year, a deputy petroleum minister said.
Gas Supply Helps Economic Recovery
TEHRAN August 18 (Shana)--Development of gas supply across the country will help the country’s economy get out of stagnation, a senior gas official said.
Iran Ready to Double Gas Export to Turkey
TEHRAN August 19 (Shana)--The National Iranian Gas Company has obtained the capacities to double Iran's gas exports to turkey, said a senior gas official.
Iran Gas Supply to Rise 30mcm
TEHRAN August 18 (Shana)--Start-up of two gas pressure stations in central Iran will increase the country’s gas transmission capacity by 30 mcm, the head of Iran Gas Engine...
Refiner Ready to Receive Phase 12 Gas
TEHRAN August 18 (Shana)--The sour gas recovered from Phase 12 of the massive South Pars gas field will be fed to the third unit of the onshore refining facilities for trea...
TEHRAN August 17 (Shana)-- Frederick William Engdahl believes that allowing Iran to participate normally in world trade would benefit the EU countries who badly need export...
Petroleum Ministry Taking Part in Environment Conference
TEHRAN August 18 (Shana)--Iran’s Petroleum Ministry will actively participate in the 17th Conference of Sustainable Development and Environment due to be held from 23 to 25...
13 Foreign Firms Keen to Invest in Iran Gas
TEHRAN August 17 (Shana)--Thirteen foreign companies have announced their readiness to invest 15 billion dollars in Iran’s gas industry, a top official at the National Iran...
Iran Expects Progress in South Azadegan
TEHRAN August 18 (Shana)--Iran expects tangible progress in the development of South Azadegan oil field in the coming months, a top official said.
Iran Reaps $7.9b From Oil & Condensate
TEHRAN August 17 (Shana)--Iran’s Petroleum Ministry has earned 7.9 billion dollars from exporting oil and gas condensate during the first four months of the current calenda...


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