Fuel Oil
Oct 25, 2014


TEHRAN Oct 21 (Shana)--A senior energy expert has said that Iran should not make any hasty decision in order to persuade OPEC to hold an emergency meeting.
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Oil Dependence Augurs Bad for Iran Economy
TEHRAN Oct 22 (Shana)--Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has said that dependence on petrodollars augurs bad for the country’s economy.
Falling Prices Shows Symptom of Illness
TEHRAN Oct 21 (Shana)-- Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance Ali Tayyebnia said he assesses falling oil prices positive, adding it shows that the economy of the country...
Iran Wants Quick Signature of Iraq Trade Deal
TEHRAN Oct 22 (Shana)--Iran’s minister of industry, mine and trade has underscored the need for the finalization of Iran-Iraq comprehensive trade memorandum.
Gas Supply to Power Plants Saves Iran $5b
TEHRAN Oct 21 (Shana)--A deputy petroleum minister has said that gas supply to power plants saved Iran five billion dollars during the first half of the calendar year which...
Iran to Boost CNG Share to 30%
TEHRAN Oct 22 (Shana)--Iran plans to increase the share of compressed natural gas (CNG) in its fuel mix to 30 percent, a senior official at National Iranian Oil Refining an...
Iran Receives 3rd Tranche of Frozen Petrodollars
TEHRAN Oct 21 (Shana)--Iran has received the third installment of its oil revenues frozen in foreign banks, the Central Bank of Iran said in a statement.
Iran Petchem Needs $70b in Investment
TEHRAN Oct 22 (Shana)--A deputy petroleum minister has said that Iran’s petrochemical industry needs 70 billion dollars in investment.
Shazand Petchem
TEHRAN Oct 21 (Shana)-- Shazand Petrochemical Company managed to export more than 222 thousand tons of petrochemicals, worth 240 million dollars, over the first six months...
Bahregan District Preparing Oil Export Facilities
TEHRAN Oct 21 (Shana)--Head of Bahregan district at the Iranian Offshore Oil Company (IOOC) Mohammad Ali Rahimmieh has said the company is preparing the necessary infrastru...
Freeing Oil Revenue Budget Essential
TEHRAN Oct 21 (Shana)--Oil revenue should be dropped from total budget as a way for coping with the fluctuations in world oil markets and reducing its impact on Iran’s econ...


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