Fuel Oil
Oct 2, 2014


TEHRAN August 17 (Shana)-- Frederick William Engdahl believes that allowing Iran to participate normally in world trade would benefit the EU countries who badly need export...
16:05 (Sunday 17 08 14)
Khuzestan Ports Handle 20% More Goods
TEHRAN Sept 30 (Shana)--Ports in the southwestern Khuzestan province handled more than 23 million tons of oil and non-oil products in the first half of the current calendar...
Iran Polymers on Equal Footing with Europe, US Products
TEHRAN Sept 30 (Shana)--A senior Iranian lawmaker has said that the polymers produced in Iran are at the same level of standards as the American and European products.
NIOC’s HSE Department Setting up Data Bank
TEHRAN Sept 30 (Shana)--NIOC’s director for health, security and environment (HSE) Abbas Razmi said the HSE department has decided to establish a data bank which includes a...
Oil and Gas Production beyond Schedule
TEHRAN Sept 30 (Shana)--Managing director of Masjed Soleyman Oil and Gas Production Company has said the company has been able to achieve its production targets beyond sche...
RIPI Active in Nanotechnology
TEHRAN Sept 30 (Shana)--Iran’s Research Institute of Petroleum Industry (RIPI) is involved in the development of nanotechnology-based methods, the head of nanotechnology de...
Gas Projects Boosting Government’s Revenue
TEHRAN Sept 30 (Shana)--Completion of gas supply projects in Sistan-o-Balouchestan province as well as projects in other cities and rural areas of the country will boost th...
AIPMA Chief Praises Iran Plast Exhibition
TEHRAN Sept 30 (Shana)--Lifting sanctions will help Iran to expand its petrochemical sector increasingly and will prepare the ground for implementation of more projects in ...
Iran to Receive More Turkmen Gas
TEHRAN Sept 30 (Shana)--Turkmenistan is raising its gas delivery to Iran in the coming weeks, the head of National Iranian Gas Company said.
National Turbine to Start Up
TEHRAN Sept 30 (Shana)--Iran’s first homegrown turbine for the gas industry is to become operational in the coming weeks, director of research and technology at National Ir...
Oil Prices Falling Next Year, IIES Expert
TEHRAN Sept 30 (Shana)--A senior expert at the Institute for International Energy Studies (IIES), Mehdi Yousefi, has said that [average] oil prices in next year will be low...


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