Apr 23, 2014
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Increase of IRI Oil Tanker Fleet Capacity to 11 mln Tons

17:42 (Tuesday, July 21, 2009)
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TEHRAN (PIN) – Some 17 giant oil tankers will join the IRI tanker fleet within the next two months to increase the capacity of the fleet to approximately 11 million tons through the extensive oil tanker replacement project.

The head of planning affairs of the National Iranian Oil Tanker Company, Abdolsamad Ta’aghol, spoke to PIN and stated: The last oil tanker to be delivered to the country is of the 317,000 ton VLCC type by the name of Dad-Gar which was constructed by Deawoo of South Korea and is due to be delivered by August, 2009.

All the ships mentioned are active in exporting oil from Iran to international markets and other countries around the world.

The project for the construction of the 17 oil tankers, according to Abdolsamad, is through European financing and of this number 13 are of the 317,000 ton VLCC type and 4 are of the 164,000 ton Suez Max type.

The NIOTC at present has 45 active oil tankers with a capacity of 10.5 million tons of which 27 are of the large VLCC type with a capacity of over 317,000 tons, nine oil tankers can pass through the Suez Canal at maximum capacity of 164,000 tons, 5 of the Afra Max trading ship type with a capacity of 35,000 tons 35,000 tons and one is an LPG type gas carrier with capacity of 12,000 cubic meters.

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