Apr 25, 2014
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Iran Exporting 10 Million Liters of Naphtha per Day

12:45 (Tuesday, February 14, 2012)
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TEHRAN Feb 14 (Shana): By completion of gasoline making units at oil refineries the country will start exporting of 10 million liters of naphtha per day over the next Iranian calendar year that starts 21st March 2012, deputy minister of petroleum for refining and distribution of oil products said.

Speaking to Shana, NIORDC’s managing director and deputy minister of petroleum, Alireza Zeighami said that by completion of gasoline making projects up to the end of next Iranian calendar year, the country’s gasoline production capacity would rise to 70 million liters per day which would be followed by not only exportation of gasoline but exportation of 10 million liters of naphtha per day.

He continued: Even though gasoline exports were limited during the current year due to domestic needs but by implementation of big gasoline making projects, the amount of gasoline and naphtha exports would rise next year.

‘In current Iranian year that ends 20th March 2012, almost one million tons of light and heavy naphtha was exported implying 2.5 percent increase in comparison to last year figures while gasoil exports went up by four times in comparison to last year figures.

Under the petroleum ministry’s planning, the country is now self-sufficient in gasoline production due to rising gasoline production capacity from 43 million liters per day to 58 million liters per day. It is estimated gasoline production capacity to rise to 70 million liters per day up to the end of current Iranian calendar year on 20th March 2012.

Current gasoline production capacity of the country amounts to 58 million liters while total gasoline consumption stands at 60 million liters.


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