Apr 29, 2017

  • SAIPA To Start Import Of Citroen C5 In October

  • 11:12 (Thursday, August 03, 2006)
  • TEHRAN – Iranian car manufacturer SAIPA has joined the group of Iranian car importers by ordering Citroen C5.
  • According to a fax release, this vehicle will be imported as of October. This is while SAIPA managing director had earlier announced that this company had no interest in importing cars and would only do it if other Iranian manufacturers started mass import. The Iranian carmaker will import three makes of Citroen C5 with 1.8 liter 117hp engine, 2 liter 143hp engine and 3 liter 210hp engine. SAIPA also plans to assemble CKD C4 sedans and to produce 50 percent of the cars parts in a three-year period. The C4 will be considered as a new model and is to replace the older model produced in Iran, Xantia. PIN/ISNA
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