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NISOC Unveils Domestically-Developed PLT Application

(Saturday, December 2, 2017) 17:08

TEHRAN, Dec. 02 (Shana) -- The National Iranian South Oil Company (NISOC) has unveiled a production logging tool (PLT) at a showcase exhibiting Khuzestan Province's technical achievements.

The first Exhibition of Research and Technology Achievements in Khuzestan Province is being held in the southwestern province and was launched in a ceremony attended by Khuzestan governor and a number of senior NISOC and Tehran University officials on Thursday.

According to NISOC head of research and technology, the program is key in measuring the amount of liquids and fluids in productive oil and gas wells and offers measurements for comprehensive well evaluation.

It also quantifies downhole flow regimes with production logging answers in horizontal, deviated, and vertical wells, plus conclusive identification of water, oil, and gas entry points.

Production logging measures downhole fluid parameters on a zone-by-zone basis to yield information about the type and movement of fluids within and near the wellbore. Applications for production logging measurements are numerous, including routine surveillance of wells and reservoirs to monitor zonal contributions, analysis of new completions to optimize production, and investigation of problems such as leaks, water entry, or unwanted crossflow.