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Iran South Pars Gas Recovery at 570 mcm/d

(Monday, December 18, 2017) 17:16

TEHRAN, Dec. 18 (Shana) -- Iran says it has currently reached the production capacity of 570 million cubic meters of natural gas from the supergiant South Pars Gas Field.

Addressing a press conference on Monday, Mohammad Meshkinfam, managing director of Pars Oil and Gas Company (POGC), said Iran has the capacity of producing 570 mcm/d of natural gas from the field it shares with Qatar in Persian Gulf waters.

He said Iran has so far laid more than 3,000 km of seabed pipeline for transferring the produced items from the field, adding the country has also constructed and installed 26 offshore platforms built domestic manufacturers and developers.

The POGC official said a daily amount of 25,000 barrels of crude oil is being produced from the oil layer of the field, adding the output is planned to reach 150,000 b/d.

Iran currently produces 456 mcm/d of light gas that is fed to the national gas network for domestic consumption and 45 mcm/d of sour gas used for injection to oil fields.

The onshore facilities fed by the field supply 808,000 b/d of gas condensate (ultralight crude oil), while supplying 5 million tons/year of ethane and 7.9 million tons of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), he added.

The plants also produce 3,750 tons of sulfur on a daily basis.