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Saturday / 9/10/2005 12:00:00 AM / 16:33
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Iran Invited to Take Part in Nobuko Project

(Saturday, September 10, 2005) 16:33

TEHRAN – Managing director of the National Iranian Gas Export Company noted that Iran, for the first time, has been invited to join a project by Nobuko International Company aimed at gas transfer to Europe through a gas pipeline. Nobuko is an Austrian company which can receive gas from various countries to transfer it to Europe.

Roknoddin Javadi told Petroenergy Information Network that the first meeting between Irans representatives and directors of Nobuko Company will be held to finalized agreements on frames and exchange of information. The managing director stated that Nobuko project is turning into a more serious legal entity and its implementers have called for Irans gas export through the pipeline. “Nobuko International has been registered in Austria and is run by Austrians. Transit permits have been issued for the line by five companies and it can carry gas from various sources to Europe,” he noted. Javadi stated that there are three options through two routes for Irans gas exports to Europe through pipeline which include Turkey and Ukraine, adding, “For gas exports through Turkey we are faced with two options via Nobuko pipeline as well as an independent line.” The official stated that negotiations with Turkey on gas transit have not reached a conclusive result after 2.5 years, but there is hope that the first meeting among countries located along the route of Ukraine gas pipeline will be held in late September or early October.

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