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Combined Cycle Power Plant in Asalouyeh 63% Complete

(Saturday, December 9, 2017) 17:42

TEHRAN, Dec. 09 (Shana) -- Construction of a combined cycle power plant in the southern city of Asalouyeh has so far made 63% progress.

An official with the Pars Oil and Gas Company (POGC), Mohammad Mehdi Tavasolipoor, said the project has made over 30% progress over the course of the past 6 months ever since it was labeled as a prioritized project at POGC.

He said all the items required for completion of the project have been ordered, adding a renowned foreign manufacturer is providing the project's heat recovery steam generators (HRSG) and other parts are being supplied by domestic providers.

In electric power generation, a combined cycle is an assembly of heat engines that work in tandem with the same source of heat, converting it into mechanical energy, which in turn usually drives electrical generators.

The principle is that after completing its cycle (in the first engine), the temperature of the working fluid engine is still high enough that a second subsequent heat engine may extract energy from the waste heat that the first engine produced.

By combining these multiple streams of work upon a single mechanical shaft turning an electric generator, the overall net efficiency of the system may be increased by 50–60%. That is, from an overall efficiency of say 34% (in a single cycle) to possibly an overall efficiency of 62.22% (in a mechanical combination of two cycles) in net Carnot thermodynamic efficiency.